<aside> ✌️ Hi there! I’m Matt and I made this for people who feel stuck in their careers. For most of 2022, I knew I wanted to leave my job, but like I couldn’t.

I published the first version of this guide a year ago prior to my sabbatical. I honestly had no idea if anyone would even read it. A full year has gone by and I’m amazed to see people still using the guide everyday.

With a year’s worth of learning and positive feedback, I was inspired to update the guide. I hope you enjoy!

If you have ideas on how I can make this better, I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me a DM on Twitter.



  1. While the title of this is called “How to quit your job”, it’s not a step-by-step guide that guarantees happiness on the other side of giving notice. I’m actually not trying to convince people to quit their jobs. I’m trying to help people who already know they want to quit, but can’t seem to unstuck themselves.
  2. This guide starts out with a library of helpful essays, podcasts, and resources. By all means, don’t feel pressured to consume all of them. Since the first version, I’ve added and removed some resources. I’ve also added a ⭐️ emoji to my favorites. If you’re unsure of where to start, I’d start with the stars.
  3. After the library comes The Process, a series of exercises to orient towards action. Treat it like a buffet. Sample everything and double down on what resonates the most for you. The old guide had a similar list of steps, but seemed too prescriptive in hindsight. This time around, I’ve added a greater variety of tools to the toolkit.


  1. 📚 The Library
  2. 👣 The Process
    1. 💭 Explore your inner world with different modalities
      1. 📝 Journaling
      2. 🤝 Talking to people
      3. 🧘‍♂️ Connect with your body
      4. 🍂 Wander outside
      5. 🌱 Plant Seeds
    2. 💰 Personal Finances: practical tips and untangling money beliefs
    3. 📅 Set a tentative quit date
    4. 🤔 Check-in and re-evaluate
    5. 🚀 Quit!
  3. ⏩ Resources for once you’re on sabbatical


Famous People who have taken sabbaticals

When I was contemplating taking a sabbatical, I didn’t know a single person who had taken a sabbatical. I also wasn’t aware of any of these successful scientists, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs that have also taken a sabbatical: